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Auto Call Recorder


- You can protect your valuable callhistory by locking pattern setting.- You can use or stop recording function.- You can record any call.- All the incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded automatically.- Maximum number of calls you can save is 1000.- You can play recording by touching recorded list.- You can delete files and information from recorded calls.- You can save important recording in the storage box.- You can share voice recording file in dropbox.- You can designate voice recording file.- You can set save path. *defaults* (/Recroded)- You can set format.- You can share separate file.- Depending on devices, optimized automatic settings of Samplingrate and Bitrate are available We offer the best sound quality.If voice is not recorded or voice of the other party is not recorded clearly :
1. When using hands-free or bluetooth, voice is not recorded.2. Depending on devices, you may not be able to use the telephone line recording function due to limited hardware drivers.
* If another call recording application is installed at the same time, it may not work properly.
Please use after removing another application.If you are unable to use the recording function, please contact us by e-mail then we’ll support for a device that does not work.If you have suggestions or comments about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail.(